Interested in doing a Startup?

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Wed Jul 9 12:38:08 BST 2008

Are you interested in doing a start-up?  

Successful start-ups require a diverse set of skills in the
founding team, but the truth is that most people know lots of other people who
are good at the same things as they are.  Seedcamp
tech-dating offers hot young developers the chance to meet with
designers and business people to network and see if they would be
interested in working with them on a startup.

Finding people with complementary skills to put together a
kick-ass team is tough. Much like speed-dating, Seedcamp
tech-dating will give you the chance to network with developers, designers and
the biz-dev guys.You will have three
minutes to pitch yourself to the other groups, share who you are, what you are
great at and why you want to do a startup.At the end of the evening there will be time to sink a few beers and you
tell us (confidentially) who you felt a connection with and if they match up
with you we share your contact details.Then its up to you to meet up, figure out if you guys can really work
together and off you go!! 

So if you want to do a start-up, and are looking for
team-mates, this is the place to come to.
Registration at: 

About Seedcamp:
Seedcamp is where Europe 's
top young founders can come together in one place.  From securing funding to developing the right
network, young entrepreneurs in Europe face
challenges in building globally competitive technology businesses. Through the
provision of seed capital and a world class network of mentors, we want to
provide a catalyst for Europe 's next
generation of entrepreneurs.

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