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Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Tue Jul 15 13:27:26 BST 2008

Christopher Jones wrote:
> <gratitude>Thanks for the help!</gratitude>
> I've just optimised the MySQL database that some of you helped me to 
> speed up a few weeks ago. I had a (data only) dump of the database 
> before optimisation, and one after. I need to make sure that the 
> optimisation hasn't messed up the data in any way, and figured that the 
> two dumps should be identical assuming everything is hunky dory.
> Of course there could be a flaw in my plan.....

Sorry, I don't recall that thread so I'm not sure what you went ahead 
and did.

I would not however take a bet on the data being exactly the same after 
you've performed "optimization" since you may well have (for example) 
changed some fields that were VARCHAR to explicitly sized CHAR or other 
things that will not affect the data but may affect the layout.

I'm also not that familliar with MySQL dump format to say what kinds of 
changes to the schema would result in changes to the dump files.

I'll bet you 5 pounds at even money that you've got some differences in 
the dumps for the same data about that?


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