Mason help - How to debug HTML::Mason

IvorW heno-fijw at
Fri Jul 18 07:50:31 BST 2008

abhishek jain wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> I am using HTML::Mason and wants to debug part of its code.
> I have gone through the document at
>  and
> is using Apache::DB
> Whenever i type b HTML::Mason::Request::debug_hook after starting apache by
> -X
> i get error Subroutine HTML::Mason::Request::debug_hook not found.
> Not too sure of the reason for this.
> I need to know ASAP how to debug Mason code. Please help me,
> Thanks,
> Abhi
I don't think many people in London use Mason.

I suggest you try posting to the mason-users or modperl list?


You could also try posting on Perlmonks:

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