10th Anniversary Beer

James Laver james.laver at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 11:53:04 BST 2008

If you haven't taken a holiday to mars, then you'll notice we recently
celebrated london.pm's tenth anniversary, and in 3 weeks we'll be
celebrating it with some delicious cold beverages in the Bridge House.

To celebrate in other ways, I've already proposed contacting brewers and
slapping our london.pm label on their bottles. I'll do all the calling, I'll
sort all the logistics, hell I'll even taste a number of beers to find the
best one.

JUST CALL (555)-BEER    [1]

If you want some, all you have to do is email me and place an order for
delicious beer. Cases will have 6 bottles in (orders must be by the case)
and I'm going to try and have them sorted for the August Social.

If you're a business (or a particularly generous individual), you might like
to sponsor one or more cases. These will be auctioned off in the name of
charity. If you want to do something for a good cause and you want to get
your logo on the label (sizes yet to be determined, but certainly it won't
be invisible), then please drop me an email to discuss the possibility.

Apart from that, if you have any suggestions for small breweries I can get
interested in the project, please let me know. I'll be following up a few

Deadline for reserving your tasty beer is Wednesday the 30th of July. After
this I can't guarantee anything.

L.pm anniversary beer will be a wonderful keepsake to remind you of the good
times you've had with london.pm, both this year and previously. Failing
that, I'll make it's tasty as well ;)

[1] Probably not a real number in the UK


James Laver
London.pm beer Tsar

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