Happy Birthday!

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Fri Jul 18 15:06:02 BST 2008

Greg McCarroll wrote:

> L.pm once decided to print multiple themed t-shirts, how many themes
> were there?


> How many leaders have we had?

Also 5 (coincidence?)

> How many have been truly great and please include names (unsubs may be
> awarded for wrong answers)? ;-)

All of them.

> How many years did we sponsor the camel at London Zoo for?


> In the auction, which fetched more money, the signed Willow or the
> signed Buffy photo?

Buffy (it's a mad world)

> Which t-shirt reached the most money ever in an auction?

PIMP (a guess)

> How long did it take to be created?

I seem to remember it being ready at christmas. But I have no idea
_which_ christmas.

> How much memory did the original penderel have?

No idea. It was a reasonable level when the box was bought, but it
seemed pretty pitiful by the time it was set up.

> How many different pubs have we been to for official meetings?

Too many to count.

> What has been the subject of the biggest thread ever on london.pm?

No idea. But I'd be interested to hear what it was. Hopefully someone
with a fuller archive than me can whip up a quick hack to find out.

> What is the ratio of posts that through a naive algorithm are
> determined to be perl related to non-perl related on the list?

My finger in the air guess would be that we run at about 10-15% Perl

> Who has posted the most over the years?

It could well be you :-)

> Outside of the UK which country is the most represented by postings on
> london.pm?

USA I expect.

> Which YAPC::Europe had the most London attendees?

Would "London" be too obvious an answer?

> Which is better NY.pm or London.pm?

London.pm obvious.

> Why do the other groups even think they have a chance? ;-)

"You got to have a dream / If you don't have a dream / How you gonna
have a dream come true?"

How did I do?


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