Lighttpd + FCGI + Perl, anyone?

Iain Barnett iainspeed at
Sun Jul 20 14:27:04 BST 2008

Thanks for the replies, would've got back sooner but for my sister's  
kids (and myriad friends) running around everywhere and generally  
sapping time and energy! Oh, the halcyon days of summer :)

I've read all the information you sent and tried various things from  
the confs and web pages but it's still not working with Perl. It  
seems that Catalyst is a defacto requirement but I don't plan to use  
it here, so I'm giving up. I managed to get Haskell-fcgi to set up  
very easily (as does PHP and Ruby), so I'm going to use that instead  
as I prefer getting on with coding to banging my head against a brick  

My sincere thanks for the replies, was much appreciated even if I  
couldn't get it to work!


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