[ANNOUNCE] August social - Thurs 7 Aug - Bridge House, SE1

Kake L Pugh kake at earth.li
Tue Jul 22 20:02:32 BST 2008

Hello!  For the August social, we're going back to the Bridge House, which
is the Adnams place at the south end of Tower Bridge.  We have the upstairs
function room booked from 6:30pm.

It's a short walk from both London Bridge and Tower Hill stations.  People
who prefer buses have the choice of the RV1, 42, 47, 78, 188, 343, or 381.

Maps, more info, etc:

As well as the usual attractions of this pub - full range of well-kept
Adnams beers, Aspall cider, and good food - this social is our 10th
anniversary meeting and hence will feature Additional Fun.  (Greg will
provide further details in due course.)

Standard blurb:

Social meets are a chance for the various members of the group to meet
up face to face and chat with each other about things - both Perl and
non-Perl - and newcomers are more than welcome.  The monthly meets tend to
be bigger than the other ad hoc meetings that take place at other times,
and we make sure that they're in easy to get to locations and the pub
serves food (meaning that people can eat in the bar if they want to).
They normally start around 6.30pm (or whenever people get there after
work) and a group tends to be left come closing time.

If you're a newcomer or other first timer (even if you've been lurking
on the mailing list or on IRC) then please seek Greg out - we have a
tradition that the leader of this motley crew buys the new people a
drink (alcoholic or not, either's fine) and introduces them to people.

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