Trusted Shared Authentication

Amit Muthu amit at
Wed Jul 30 15:33:44 BST 2008

Jason Tang wrote:
> Overview:
> We have web apps X and Y and they share the table that allows you to map
> a
> username to an id and also to ldap. Apps X and Y are different webapps
> that
> provide different functionality and is intentionally seperated. However
> there's
> a requirement that a user that can authenticate on one app can click
> through
> to the other without the need to reauthenticate.
If you end up going with the click through URLs you probably want them 
to be unpredictable AND (in order of preference):

 * single use


 * usable for n minutes

or at the very least:

 * valid only while the credentials used to do the original 
authentication remain valid (changing your password should invalidate 
any previously generated links relating to your account)


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