Dim sum Thursday 1pm: Leong's Legend

the hatter at
Fri Aug 1 12:54:04 BST 2008

On Fri, 1 Aug 2008, James Laver wrote:

> On 1/8/08 10:37, "Leon Brocard" <acme at> wrote:
> >  This is my favourite dim sum restaurant in London right now - almost
> > as good as Din Tai Fung in Taiwan. I highly recommend everyone going
> > there.
> If you read it in a certain way, it sounds like you're advocating flying all
> the way out to Taiwan to have some lunch.

Maybe we should give a little more notice if we're going there next week
then - give people a chance to book tickets, find passports, desensitive
their boss to the words "long lunch", etc.

the hatter

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