Anniversary Beer - update and pricing

James Laver james.laver at
Mon Aug 4 08:49:20 BST 2008

Good day, beer lovers.

I've arranged to get 120 bottles of finest Essex-brewed beer from a
Microbrewery whose stand I accidentally bumped into outside waterloo station
(some 'slow food' market thing).

The beer is delicious, not only did I taste all 5 varieties (including one
actually made with oysters - as a person who doesn't eat any seafood except
seaweed, I still think it tasted great!)

The company's name is 'Mersea Island', I'm sure they have a website, and
they have a Camra logo stamped on all their bottles with the phrase 'Camra
says this is real ale'. Not a bad start.

Regarding pricing, it will be £12 per 6-case. This will include special
labelling, the artwork for which I'll have to create in my lunch hour.

I'm going to try and organise a delivery direct to the pub on the evening,
but assuming I can't, I'm asking for volunteers to give me a hand getting
120 bottles of beer from Liverpool Street to Tower Bridge? (No, there will
be no free beer, but you'll be helping people who ordered beer get theirs).

And yes, I'm really impressed they can deliver for Thursday when I order

So here's to bloody brilliant beer!


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