Anniversary Beer (again!)

James Laver james.laver at
Fri Aug 8 10:30:36 BST 2008

After so many people asked whether they could buy anniversary beer on the
night, I'll take further orders for anniversary beer.

Deadline is a week today and delivery will be the next social. Please let me
emphasise: If you aren't there, I don't have transport for your beer to get
it home so I'll let it go to someone else.

The beer is £12 for 6 bottles and it's damn tasty. The company is the Mersea
Island Brewery and we're drinking the Island Skipper.

If you didn't order anniversary beer, my greatest condolences, but luckily
you now have another chance.

I need 24 orders of 6 to make the brewery take the effort. If we don't get
that, it's sadly off.

And finally, anyone suffering from a broken back having tried to get too
much beer home?

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable evening and happy anniversary!


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