(forw) YAPC:Europe 2008

Gianni Ceccarelli dakkar at thenautilus.net
Mon Aug 11 20:06:19 BST 2008

On 2008-08-11 Billy Abbott <billy at cowfish.org.uk> wrote:
> Is there anyone around near the Cabinn Scandinavia tomorrow evening
> who wants to meet up for a beverage/food?

What about going to The Globe?

I'll be landing at 16:25, so I think I'll be at The Globe sometimes
between 18 and 19. See you there :)

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Now, it we had this sort of thing:
  yield -a     for yield to all traffic
  yield -t     for yield to trucks
  yield -f     for yield to people walking (yield foot)
  yield -d t*  for yield on days starting with t
...you'd have a lot of dead people at intersections, and traffic jams
you wouldn't believe...
(Discussion in comp.os.linux.misc on the intuitiveness of commands.)

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