Food of the Gods ?

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Wed Aug 13 11:56:22 BST 2008

Adam Bernard wrote:
> 2008/8/13 Jacqui Caren <Jacqui.caren at>:
>> The only problem is getting (decent) sausage skin.
>> Jacqui
> It's even worse if you're a sausage-loving vegetarian. No edible
> vegetarian sausage skins to be found, pretty much - all one can do is
> extrude the sausages from some very cohesive stuff and then coat them
> with some kind of afterwards. Where's the fun in that?
> Adam

The fun in being a vegetarian? This is a trick question.

Vegetarians deserve exactly what they get in the food arena.

No go away and eat some soya you sad, pathetic little man.

*runs off to find some meat for lunch*

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