Food of the Gods ?

Andy Wardley abw at
Wed Aug 13 16:22:47 BST 2008

Please consider the following patch which adds onions, intermingles the cheese
between the potato slices, and adds the --cream option.


--- recipe.txt	2008-08-13 16:19:16.000000000 +0100
+++	2008-08-13 16:20:50.000000000 +0100
@@ -3,10 +3,12 @@
  poncy new potatoes, you want proper I've-been-hauling-bricks-all-day
  potatoes). In a large casserole dish,

-Now alternate layers of potato and mixed sausage and bacon bits.
+Now alternate layers of potato, cheese, sliced onion, mixed sausage and
+bacon bits.

  If you have fresh stock, great, if not throw in a couple of stock cubes and
-enough hot water to cover the solids. Bake. Near the end, throw on some good
+enough hot water to cover the solids.  For added luxury pour some cream
+over the whole thing instead.  Bake. Near the end, throw on some extra good
  quality cooking cheese and leave to melt.

  Serve the panacalti in a bowl with a side portion of panacalti for good

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