Apache, mod_perl, SOAP, Windows

Mark Knoop mark at rawcane.net
Fri Aug 15 17:05:36 BST 2008


To cut a long story short, we are running Activestate on a Windows 2003 
Server with IIS6 and I need to build a SOAP server. I would like to consider 
moving to Linux at some stage in the future but that is some way off.

I am considering the benefits on to installing Apache/mod_perl(2?) initially 
to use for running the SOAP server but with a view to migrating our other 
CGI::Apps later as a stepping stone on the way to Linux but also to improve 
performance, to gain some new skills etc.

Is this sensible (taking into account things like reliability/support of 
Apache and mod_perl on Windows and the kind of learning curve involved in 
getting up and running with mod_perl)? Would I be better breaking the 
migration into several smaller hops? Is there a better option?

Any thoughts much appreciated.


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