[job advert] looking for a perl person to write a web control panel

Martin A. Brooks martin at antibodymx.net
Sun Aug 31 17:54:53 BST 2008


We are looking for a Perl programmer to develop a customer-facing web 
control panel for our antispam and antivirus mail filtering service. 
Currently, all configuration is done via a combination of database 
(postgres) and flat text files.  We would like to have a secure, 
intuitive and user-friendly interface built to manage this system for 
clients and in-house admin staff. Web design skills are _not_ required 
(have html monkey) though may be an advantage.  Having a better than 
average knowledge of how email works is useful.

A flat fee of £500 is offered plus on-going support and maintenance at a 
rate to be agreed.


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