[job advert] looking for a perl person to write a web control panel

Tony Kennick 0995a06aaeaf6b70e79c3aafd6719329 at half.pint.org.uk
Sun Aug 31 23:27:01 BST 2008

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 08:07:10PM +0100,
the following was promulgated by Peter Corlett:

> On 31 Aug 2008, at 18:53, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> [...]
> >>Someone with a decent CRUD framework should be able to get something
> >>up and running in that time, surely?
> >Peter would seem to disagree there.
> I would also estimate it to take about a day or so. £500 would  
> therefore be a reasonable estimate at the typical market rate of  
> £300-400/day for a Perl contractor.

I have been working in a nice comfortable web agency for to long, £500
wouldn't start to pay for the UX guy to prototype the "intuitive and
user-friendly interface" before a line of code was written ;-)

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