epic Dave FAIL

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Fri Sep 5 15:56:34 BST 2008

>>>>> "NC" == Nicholas Clark <nick at ccl4.org> writes:

  NC> IIRC, around 6:30 we were 6 men (including 1 Dave), and 5 women,
  NC> and at some point later 11 men (including 2 Daves) and 9 women.

  NC> Epic Dave fail. Even when we counted middle names (2 more that I
  NC> was aware of). Where are all the Daves?

  NC> I wonder how long before we have a point during a social where
  NC> there are more women than Daves, even with all the men declaring
  NC> themselves honourary Daves. October 2nd? November 6th? December
  NC> 4th?

dave?! DAVE?! dave's not here!!



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