svk v git + possible gig

Andy Wardley abw at
Mon Sep 8 20:00:51 BST 2008

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> Anyway, so has anyone moved from svk to git? Any thoughts on the experience?

I still use SVN for most of my stuff.  I could never figure out SVK.

Git and Mercurial are both a doddle to set up and use.  If I need to do any
complex branching/merging then I'll typically check out a version of the
repository from svn, make a mercurial repository from it (`hg init`), do all
my branching and merging in mercurial and then commit back into SVN when I'm

It is, admittedly, a rather sub-optimal state of affairs to be using two
halves of different source control systems.  And it only really works for
those "experimental feature" branches that you're planning to merge back in
pretty soon or throw away.  But anything that avoids having to branch/merge in
SVN is usually a good thing IMHO.  I haven't upgraded to 1.5 yet, but it looks
like they've made branch/merge far less painful to use.


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