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Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Tue Sep 16 22:03:22 BST 2008

See below, I think the new one (compared to his previous email) is
Perl Certification. I've got no idea what the ** stuff is about.

Oh and if you have colleagues wanting some free Perl training, you
might also like to look at the course our very own Dave Cross will be
running at this years LPW. I've sat in on one at the BBC and thought
it was well paced and rich in information for anyone who has just been
playing around with CGI's on shared hosting sites. (I'm allowed to be
naughty once in a while). 

(in other news, pub for next meet should be sorted out RSN)


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Hi All,
We started a number of new Perl projects. I'd appreciate it if you could 
forward at least some of the details of these onto your groups.

The projects are:-
Perl Certified Hosting
Free Perl Course Project
Perl Donation (from everybody)
Perl Certification
(Please note you need to remove the ** from the domain names, this is 
because they were being picked up an inaccurate filter)

Details below:-

Perl Certified Hosting
The idea for this project was put forth by Amias of Bristol & Bath Perl 
Mongers. We are creating a Perl Certified Hosting scheme that will be 
open for all hosting companies to join.
Requirements will include a set list of web related Perl Modules and 
proper webserver configuration.
Please visit the site:-
For more details and to get involved with helping this scheme become a 

Free Perl Course Project
The idea in this project is that every Perl programmer teach at least 
one other person to code. Be that a family member, friend, work 
colleague, employee, friend of a friend, or even friend of an employee.
Following the success of the Free Perl Course offered by Bristol & Bath 
Perl Mongers this project has been started to encourage other Perl 
groups and programmers to do the same.
Please check out the site:-

Perl Donation (from everybody)
This scheme has been started with the aim to give the Perl 6 development 
budget a big boost.
Please take the time to make your small donation. The aim is that we all 
make a small donation so that it amounts to a lot.

Perl Certification
I've been starting a Perl Certification list, this time not for debate, 
but for actually starting a certification scheme. I know this can be a 
very touchy subject, but we'd like to put together a working solution 
that people can evaluate.


** Must be removed from all domain names

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