24x7 on-call rates and rotas.

Andrew Black andrew-perl08 at mail.black1.org.uk
Wed Oct 1 15:46:15 BST 2008

Nicholas Clark wrote:

> I remember observing that boo.com got part of this wrong (in my opinion) -
> for weekends they had a different primary and backup for each of Friday night,
> Saturday and Sunday. This meant that at least 1 part of every weekend was
> on call, which generally buggered things. So at least whole weekends should
> be a unit of on call, assuming that whole weeks aren't.

I am on a rota that starts of as having a whole week Mon-Sun (so it 
includes a complete weekend). This is useful if you want to go away, but 
a pain if you want to have one day you can know you are not going to be 
interrupted. So I tend to end up swapping either Sat or Sun depending on 
when colleagues take pity on me (and the conversely swap for them).

We have a redirectable phone number. Having one physical phone would be 

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