DBIx::Class - Related Tables

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Mon Oct 6 21:59:11 BST 2008

This is probably simple, but I've got a cold and I can't really think

I've got two tables, distribution and build. Distribution contains
details of software distributions (actually, CPAN packages) and build
contains the results of trying to build these distributions (actually,
turning them into RPMs).

So distribution contains three important pieces of information - the id
of the associated distribution, the version number that we attempted to
build and a flag indicating the success or failure of the build.

I also have Distribution.pm and Build.pm which have been generated by

Given a distribution object, I want to find the highest version for
which we have a successful build (or, to find out that there hasn't been
a successful build).

See, I said it was simple. Please put me out of my misery.



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