Apple service providers

Dj Walker-Morgan djwm at
Tue Oct 7 17:18:36 BST 2008

On 7 Oct 2008, at 17:11, Simon Wilcox wrote:

> Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
>> Isn't a dead disk user-maintainable?
> Out of warranty/applecare I'd say yes but definitely not until then.
> Even after the warranty expires I'm still not convinced that I'd try  
> swapping a disk on any laptop that didn't have it in an easily  
> removed caddy. Laptops are bastards to open and close again without  
> having bits left over :)
> S.

It is one of the advantages of the MacBook over the MacBook Pro. You  
remove one plate from the inside edge of the battery compartment and  
you get access on one side to the hard disk which slides out, and the  


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