Perl's lack of 'in' keyword

Iain Barnett iainspeed at
Thu Oct 9 23:10:39 BST 2008

On 9 Oct 2008, at 8:53 pm, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
>> I can only conclude your fibbing, unless you don't understand the
>> link between "thought police", naziism, 5th columnists, paranoia, the
>> control of language, and the dislike of challenging ideas.
> So I am either lying or I am stupid? And you were querying the tone of
> discourse around here.
> I think you might want to consult the archive of the list to discover
> the rules of this list.
> /J\

You're the one who started using pejorative language ad hominem. If  
you don't like it, then don't give it out. There's no shots for free  


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