Seeking UML tips or alternatives bloke at
Sun Oct 12 22:36:20 BST 2008

Hey Guys (n gals),

I'm working on a Perl project that's got pretty large. I've been putting together a detailed project plan for the management and also some of the investors. They want it to include clear diagrams and I've been recommended UML, the problem is I haven't used UML before and it's looking pretty daunting.

This didn't seem totally Perl related so rather than ask the Perl monks I thought maybe this list would be kind enough to give some pointers?

Is there a preferred alternative to UML that's a bit more Perlish?
Is there a Perlish way of using UML?

I've really no idea on how to get started with this and all my *google-fu* is only filling my head with more questions.

Any input much appreciated.


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