Dear friend,

Jonathan Stowe jns at
Sun Oct 19 08:11:12 BST 2008

On Sat, 2008-10-18 at 14:27 +0100, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> > Anyone know a good way of stopping joe-jobbed spam which doesn't involve
> > spf and stuff ?
> >    
> Don't have a catchall.

That doesn't solve the particular problem here.  You lot don't see most
of the spam that gets sent to because it never gets past
the mailling list software, someone goes in an deletes it all every once
in a while.  However in this case the spam was sent as coming from
someone who was subscribed to the list thus goes straight through.
Apparently this kind of thing can be caused by a potential XSS
vulnerability in gmail so might become more common.


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