Learning Regression Function / Neural Networks

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Mon Oct 20 16:53:19 BST 2008

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> I suspect a simple backpropagating multilayer perceptron
> should do ok
> for this but I have not really used these in anger before.
> My questions for the perlmongers:
> 1. Is a perceptron the best approach? How else could I do
> this?
> 2. Are there any good modules to implement this? It seems
> everything
> on CPAN is either just a toy for the author to learn about
> NNs or is a
> very early version and has not been maintained for three
> years.I've actually had people tell me that they've used 

Even though it's very low traffic, the Perl-AI mailing list seems to have some smart people on it:


My AI::NeuralNet::Simple module has been used successfully by others according to email I've received (http://search.cpan.org/dist/AI-NeuralNet-Simple/).  It's not been maintained because there are no bug reports but that might be because no one is using it any more.

It has an examples/ directory with a couple of smallish programs to give you an idea of how it works.  However, I'm not an AI expert, so the Perl-AI mailing list is a better resource than I.

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