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> This sounds more appropriate with the Advertising Standards Agency,
> I
> suspect already has this covered.
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I actually work for an ISP and the practice infuriates me.  However I
can't  see this getting any legs, because the way its worded is usually
via a "fair  usage policy" and,  probably more importantly, forms the
wording of a legal contract which you formally agree to when you do
business with them.  In fact I have had exactly that discussion with an
ISP, and the "escape"  clause was that if you agree to the contract
then everything else was irrelevant.

The only answer is to refuse to do business with any company that offers
an unlimited service and subsequently attempts to limit or place
restrictions on it.  Ohoh,  they are all doing it - does anyone else
suspect industry collusion?

However I have  signed up to the petition :)


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