Duh v D'oh

Nigel Rantor wiggly at wiggly.org
Sat Nov 8 02:47:51 GMT 2008

Eden Cardim wrote:
> Yes, that'd be cool and instructive, since I haven't had the time to
> dig in to things like Python and Ruby. I'll confess that my vision of
> Perl practicity might be clouded by the previous C, C++ and Java
> experiences.

It would be interesting if we had some basis for comparison.

Paul, how's about you give us some things to accomplish and we tell you 
how we'd do them in different languages? I just think it might be 
unfair, or perhaps be perceived that way, if we chose our own examples 
and their other-language equivalents....

So, nothing too complex, it has to be do-able in less than a hundred or 
so lines of Perl.

Or does that not make any sense?


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