Perl is dead

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Thu Dec 4 09:40:20 GMT 2008

> On 2008-12-03 20:10, "Avleen Vig" <avleen at> wrote:
> I don't think that any harm is done in this particular case (enforcing style).
> Does it breed lazy programmers? I don't think so.This is an interesting question. When I started programming - I used Applesoft Basic on the Apple ][ which didn't allow (sensible) style at all. When I got to university and learnt Pascal, style was rammed down our throats and had to be manually entered using a cruddy Unix line editor (vi used to much computer resources...)
When I started tutoring, the department had just bought a load of the original Macintosh computers which autoformatted people's Pascal - indeed it did not even allow people to do their own formatting. If people weren't getting the hang of the importance of formatting, we tutors could not be aware. As I also got to mark exams, I got to see what effect this autoformatting had on some people's handwritten code formatting. A lot of people had not taken a clue from their Macintosh code and had completely unstructured code.
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