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Dominic Thoreau dominic.thoreau at
Thu Dec 4 13:44:24 GMT 2008

2008/12/4 Abigail <abigail at>:
> Note that I also don't give much weight to the number of job openings
> that mention Perl. I've had quite a number of jobs the past 10 years,
> and I've used Perl a lot in all of them. But only in my current job
> an advert would have mentioned "Perl" (although I initially came to
> the company I now work for as a potential Unix sysadmin - a department
> where Python is quite popular).

I'll reinforce that.

These days there seems to be a decent sized number of employers trying
to find perl staff from a small pool of staff.
I don't believe that most people get jobs by responding to adverts.
While looking for work when my last $poe made me redundant, I got a
fair amount of mileage (1 job offer, and 1 would-have-been-an-offer
[1]) from a combination of contacts, and direct from an employer who
searched a job board himself.

In fact, the recruiter who set up the interview that would-have-been
is still contacting me in an effort to get me to head off to their
newer clients.

Perl jobs these days seem less likely to make the job boards. If
anything, this (to me, at least) points towards the vitality of the
language - but it doesn't do anything to indicate to newcomers the
level of demand.


[1] I feel it would have been an offer, but I withdrew from the
interview process after accepting another offer. It later went to a
No train here, but still:
The sign says: "Ready to Leave"
Normal service, yes?

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