Perl is dead

Mark Blackman mark at
Thu Dec 4 15:46:51 GMT 2008

On 4 Dec 2008, at 15:03, David Cantrell wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 07:01:20PM +0000, Avleen Vig wrote:
>> Ovid's right. We should be taking a long hard look at ourselves and
>> asking questions.
>> Are we evolving?
>> If not, why not?
>> If we wanted to, what could we change?
>> I do t think we really know what to change or how to change it.
> OK, fine, we know what to change and how to change it.  So how about
> those who care and have the skills DO IT instead of just talking about
> it yet again?  This topic is boring because it's repeated every few
> months and yet the people who say "something must be done" don't  
> then go
> and do anything.
> And no, setting up yet another blog aggregator or yet another obscure
> site that occasionally publishes an article, those don't count.
> perlbuzz's existence hasn't fixed any problems.

Might not have fixed any problems that we collectively care about, but
I do use it for my primary "interesting new developments in Perl"  
perlbuzz++ from me. seems to suffer from lack of editorial oversight and
exceptionally unattractive colour scheme.

- Mark

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