*.perl.org facelift

Andy Wardley abw at wardley.org
Sat Dec 6 14:47:37 GMT 2008

Robin Berjon wrote:
> Well for one I think it's a clear improvement over what's there today. 
> On the downside I would say: a) you probably didn't intend this but it 
> looks a little bit too much like the default Drupal theme,

No, I didn't intend it, but I noticed the similarity straight away.
It's that damn onion that looks like the drupal teardrop thingy.  Shame,
'cos I quite like the onion.  The colours are all easily changeable, though
(they're color/gradient overlays on separate layers).

 > b) it has
> a lot of round stuff in it, and I think that's going to look dated next 
> week.

Yep, agreed.  I started off from some templates I had from a previous
project from a few years ago when roundy-roundy was all the rage.  But it
ended up looking a bit too Fischer-Price.

> I think it's a good start though. 

Thanks.  It's the first layer of undercoat on the bike shed.  :-)


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