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Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Tue Dec 9 16:25:56 GMT 2008

> >
> > [1] for the ORA lovers and authors on the list - it could still be
> licensed
> > back to ORA for use in but the rightful owner is still the Perl
> > Foundation
> >
> Actually has always been owned by Tom Christiansen, he just
> lets ORA use it or something....

Yes. I've spoken to him about it. He licenses it to ORA who pay him a decent
grant-sized amount of money for it per year.

My point is the Perl Foundation should be protecting its brand[1] and in the
case of pocketing ORA's domain rental money and spending it on
grants for the good of Perl. This money would have gone some way in
supporting Perl6 development grants over the past 8 years.

I've suggested to Alison that The Perl Foundation should ask Tom nicely if
they could have it back. When I spoke to Tom he sounded amenable to the idea
of assigning it back[2] ... but there seems to be a sticking point


p.s. maybe we could have an auction item - let's buy back

[1] trade mark law requires you to protect your brand
[2] he is in a tricky legal position. What about Tom's will? Who would end
up with it? Larry? ORA? The Perl Foundation? A relative?

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