Perl is Alive!

Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Tue Dec 9 17:00:21 GMT 2008

> > I've suggested to Alison that The Perl Foundation should ask Tom nicely
> if
> > they could have it back. When I spoke to Tom he sounded amenable to the
> idea
> > of assigning it back[2] ... but there seems to be a sticking point
> > somewhere?
> What do you mean "have it back"?

Legally assign ownership of it to the Perl Foundation.

> Tom was running as his personal
> website long before there was even a Perl Foundation.
Tom has been licensing to ORA for the last 8 years for personal
profit. He's done well out of it - he's also amenable to assigning it to the
Perl Foundation - what's the problem?


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