Perl is Alive!

Dave Cross dave at
Wed Dec 10 09:08:55 GMT 2008

Nigel Hamilton wrote:

>                                                       but what TPF does
> with "" is for them to decide - they are the rightful owners.

I really don't understand this argument at all. If anyone could lay a
claim to, it's Larry himself (and I really don't see him doing
that). But I don't understand why you think that TPF has a better claim
to it than Tom. Perhaps you're assuming that TPF has a level of
"officiality" (is that the right word?) that it doesn't have and (as far
as I know) doesn't aspire to.

Both Tom and O'Reilly have been very good for Perl. Without them I don'
think that we'd be here having this conversation. If they make some
money off the back of it, then I have no objections to that.


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