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Jonathan Stowe jns at
Wed Dec 10 11:44:09 GMT 2008

2008/12/10 Léon Brocard <acme at>:
> has done many great things in the past. We shall do great
> things in the future. Let's concentrate for now on something that we
> have the power to change in the short term.
> is our web site. It's orange, which is nice.
> However, I can spot a few things that we can improve:
> 1) It still lists Greg as leader
> 2) It doesn't list how to check out the website as below
> I've pointed out minor things above, but surely there are greater
> concepts that I've missed. What can you think of?
> You can check out the website code using Subversion: svn co
> Please send patches to the list for now.

Would it a) be better to have a separate list for this b) better to
rename website-shiny to website?  The website one is from before we
toshed it up a bit (well Andy did and we just cargo-culted his design)
a couple of years ago.


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