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Philippe Bruhat (BooK) philippe.bruhat at free.fr
Wed Dec 10 11:58:18 GMT 2008

On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 11:28:58PM +0000, Tim Sweetman wrote:
> * A Perl user group that didn't just insult n00bs when they turned up
> * A culture surrounding the language that didn't privilege obscurity  
> over sensible engineering

Well, these are just broad generalisations. Men are from Mars, too.

The Perl user groups I know and those of which I'm part of (be it in
real life, on irc or on mailing-lists) do not insult people and are
actually quite welcoming to new people. Alas, the way we treat our
newcomers has only so much influence on how other people on some irc
channel treat theirs.

As for the culture of obscurity, I have yet to find any book on Perl with
more than page on the topic (if any). Well, except for "Advanced Perl
Programming", 2nd ed, which has a whole chapter titled "Fun with Perl"
(but note that it's not titled "Sensible engineering with Perl").

Actually, it seemed to me that the Perl culture was one of automated

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