Copyright Theft (was Re: # and believe me, Perl is still alive... still alive!...)

Dirk Koopman djk at
Wed Dec 10 12:59:55 GMT 2008

Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> <Excised the URL to copyright violating material>
> I'll put your attempt to get us to participate in copyright theft down
> to naivete, stupidity or youthful enthusiasm but please do not do this
> again. There are O'Reilly published authors on this list who I am sure
> wouldn't like you to be stealing from them and the majority of the
> other members of the list generally sympathise with that position.  I
> had assumed that everyone on this list had reached a level of
> sophistication where they realized this was the prevailing viewpoint,
> I'm sorry to discover that I am wrong.
> This goes for everyone else on the list. Posting links to copyright
> infringing material like this is absolutely forbidden. Not only will
> anyone who contravenes this by removed from the list so will anyone
> who thinks they would like to argue with me about this.
> Hope this helps

Not really, no. It appears that the author is directly responsible for 
publishing his work, on his website.

In what way is that violating his copyright?

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