Copyright Theft (was Re: # and believe me, Perl is still alive... still alive!...)

Jonathan Stowe jonathan.stowe at
Wed Dec 10 15:30:37 GMT 2008

2008/12/10 Nigel Hamilton <nigel at>:
> 2008/12/10 Zbigniew Lukasiak <zzbbyy at>
>> I am really sorry for starting this.  I hereby publicly apologize to
>> Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, Randal L. Schwartz and the publisher.
> Don't be sorry. You haven't breached their copyright - it's perfectly
> acceptable "fair use" for you to take a small tract of text and use it with
> acknowledgement to the authors.
> But I think the response you received shows - unfairness, cluelessness and
> hypocrisy:
> * unfairness - I think Larry, Tom and Randal wanted that passage to mean
> something - isn't it  sad and ironic that in 2008 it was used to whack some
> over the head?

You accuse me of cluelessness and you make the above statement? I
wasn't referring to the content of the quote or the  preceding
discussion at all. I was simply referring to the dissemination of the
URL to some violating content.  Nothing in what I said made any value
judgement whatsoever about what was being said and I explicitly
removed the quote itself because that had no bearing whatsoever on the
point that I needed to make.

> * cluelessness - some people have argued vociferously about IP yet they
> don't really understand it.
> * hypocrisy - why won't they stand up for the IP rights of The Perl
> Foundation?

So you appear to have some kind of bee in your bonnet about some
"right" of TPF to the domain which it appears virtually
no-one else either understands or agrees with and so you want to make
every other issue somehow related to it. Some places they would
describe that as troll like behaviour.

> You have a right to be here and a right to respect and so do your ideas.

You are wrong, no-one has a right to be here by default.

> This is a seriously sad day for Perl.

Oh get the man a violin and a tear jar.  The sad day for Perl was when
idiots started thinking that the "open" in "open source" implied
something beyond the method of development and the licenses under
which the software was distributed.

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