Looking for the recruitment guy

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu Dec 11 18:33:15 GMT 2008

>>>>> "PH" == Peter Hickman <peter.hickman at semantico.com> writes:

  PH> Getting in the swing of things for the time of year I have been
  PH> made redundant. Ah well. I know that there is someone on this list
  PH> that specialises in Perl recruitment and I have always intended to
  PH> squirrel it away but never got round to it. So if anyone knows it
  PH> or has other information that I could make use of I would be
  PH> grateful if you could send it to me.

that would be me. email me at uri @ perlhunter.com (see, an easy domain to
remember or google for! :).

  PH> The additional wrinkle is that tomorrow is possibly my last day
  PH> here and so I wont be able to pick up mail after the weekend. So
  PH> if you have something to tell me you could try peterhi [ at ]
  PH> ntlworld [ dot
  PH> ] com, which should be a good test of my spam filter :)

i cc'ed that address.



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