web site - facelifted

Dirk Koopman djk at
Thu Dec 11 18:51:03 GMT 2008

Andy Wardley wrote:
> Dirk Koopman wrote:
>> Personally I would go for a completely different base colour, or stick 
>> to the original orange, rather than shift slightly in the yellow/green 
>> direction.
> It's the same orange, at least the strips down the side are.  The darker
> orange bits in the header are the same hue (30 deg), but with less 
> saturation
> and brightness.  So no shifty business going on there.
> Old at the top, new at the bottom.
> Different colours are relatively easy, though.  e.g.
> I'll add it to the wishlist.

So it is. My visual memory had it more orange(gy). I suspect the real 
reason that appears so curry flavoured (to me) may be something to do 
with rendering it on my 1920x1600 monitor. The original seems to have a 
fixed *border* width and the new one a fixed central, info panel, width.

This means that the orange of the borders is considerably more 
intrusive, 'cos the combined width of the borders is wider than the bit 
in the middle. I suspect going to fixed width borders or making the 
centre panel say 85% wide would go a long way to ease my concern.

Good effort though...


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