Perl Christmas Quiz

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Fri Dec 12 09:50:49 GMT 2008

I was feeling bored so decided to write a Perl Christmas quiz.
1) Name as many different reasons as you can that Larry Wall has given for how Perl came to be named (including where he has given them). Make up a brand new reason of your own.
2) Name all the built in file handles in Perl.
3) Write a Perl function that takes two references to arrays and returns the intersect of them. If an entry appears n times in array 1 and m times in array 2, the output should list that entry min(n,m) times. Bonus mark for one line solutions.
4) How many different variable types are there in Perl? Be as sensibly voluminous in your answer as you are able.
5) What animal is on the front of the Perl Cookbook (bonus mark for knowing both the first and second edition)?
6) What company was Larry Wall working for when he wrote Perl 1?
7) What does the L in Randal L Schwartz stand for?
8) Name a Perl module Leon (Brocard) has written (bonus mark if you've used it).
9) When will Perl 6 be released?
10) Who was the most important pioneer of Perl Poetry?
11) Write a limeric about Perl. Bonus mark for making it perl parseable.
12) What year was CPAN founded in?
13) Think of a witty and/or interesting Perl Christmas quiz question and answer it.
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