Perl 5.8.8 segfaulting on comments! How can this be?

Roger Burton West roger at
Fri Dec 12 16:47:26 GMT 2008

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 04:38:07PM +0000, Andy Wardley wrote:

>Before I go digging deeper (having already lost most of the afternoon to
>this), can someone confirm the problem for me?

Not manifest on my 5.8.8.

Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 8 subversion 8) configuration:
    osname=linux, osvers=2.6.18-6-k7, archname=i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi
    uname='linux rebekka 2.6.18-6-k7 #1 smp mon aug 18 09:20:26 utc 2008 i686 gnulinux '

Linux radiant 2.6.22-3-686 #1 SMP Sun Feb 10 20:20:49 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux


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