Perl 5.8.8 segfaulting on comments! How can this be?

Mark Blackman mark at
Fri Dec 12 17:05:12 GMT 2008

On 12 Dec 2008, at 16:38, Andy Wardley wrote:

> I've got a *very* strange problem with Perl segfaulting seemingly at
> random, but quite predictably based on things that it really shouldn't
> care about (like comments).
> [snip]
> Before I go digging deeper (having already lost most of the  
> afternoon to
> this), can someone confirm the problem for me?

On Mac OS X Leopard, rev. 5.6.6, I see the segfault using the system  
(/usr/bin/perl) but not with macports perl (/opt/local/bin/perl).

the segfault does not occur with either installed perl after
replacing the qr// with 63.

Apple, j'accuse.

- Mark

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