web site - facelifted (v2)

Andy Wardley abw at
Sun Dec 14 18:33:34 GMT 2008

Léon Brocard wrote:
> Andy, care to put your changes live?

All checked in.  It'll need to be built on the target machine.

I've added 3 more colour schemes (light brown, teal and purple) for those
who find the orange a bit too garish.  I've also added a print stylesheet.

The stylesheet switcher and "Go Large" mode are now sticky and get added
via a bit of JS progressive enhancement voodoo. So everything should degrade
nicely for those without JS.

I kept the design as fixed width because making a fully fluid layout proved
to be too much of a PITA for the time I had available.  However the "Go Large"
mode is fully fluid, albeit a little sparse, so it's a good second best.

Limited preview here:

I haven't yet looked at it in IE.  I'm going to go and poke myself in the
eye with a sharp stick first.  :-)


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