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Dirk Koopman djk at
Sun Dec 14 23:31:57 GMT 2008

Andy Wardley wrote:
> Nigel Rantor wrote:
>> I've already poked Andy about this when he put up the initial version.
> Here's my reply to Nigel, for the benefit of anyone else interested.
> <reply>
> Yes.  I've always been a fluid-layout kinda guy.  800x600 is annoyingly
> narrow when you've got a large monitor, so a fluid layout was a big win 
> when
> you had to assume a minimum width of 800px.
> But these days, it's considered "officially" OK to assume that 1024x768 is
> the lowest common denominator for screen width, which gives you a nicely 
> sized
> bit of content-space to play with.  Making it fluid upwards of that 
> tends to
> result in wide wide columns that are hard to read.  So although I used 
> to be
> staunchly anti-fixed width, I guess I've now been swayed towards them.
> Making it fluid might be a bit tricky, but probably do-able.  I'll have a
> think about it.
> </reply>

I think that if one wants to have a fixed layout then one (probably) 
need to also have a limit on the size of the borders. Particularly if 
one has chosen a strong border colour (which includes white BTW). A 
example would be, where they have deliberately chosen a 
(very) neutral colour for "filling in" the sides of wider monitors.

Perhaps this is a way forwards?


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