Clay Shirky on Shinto Shrines, Perl, Love and the Internet

Andy Wardley abw at
Mon Dec 15 07:18:04 GMT 2008

    Perl is a shinto shrine.

    Perl exists not as an edifice but as an act of love. Perl is a viable
    programming option again today because millions of people woke up this
    morning loving Perl.

    And more importantly, they love one another in the context of Perl. They
    love one another enough to stop what they're doing and listen to each
    other. To have a conversation with each other, to answer questions for one
    another, to diagnose things for one another and sometimes even to write
    code for one another - "Oh I think I see what's going on, here, try this".

    No contracts are written, no money changes hands and and the work goes on.

I would just like to say that I love you all and you're my bestist mate ever.


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