Perl success stories

Denny at
Thu Dec 18 10:06:13 GMT 2008

Inspired by this month's discussions about Perl community websites, we*
have started Yet Another Perl Website.

We're aiming to collect Perl success stories - similar to those O'Reilly
used to gather here:

The intention is to provide a recent/updated resource which can be used
to counter the "Perl is dead" myth.

If you have any tales of high-profile, large-scale, or otherwise
interesting Perl systems you've deployed recently then we'd love to hear
them.  We're happy to link to existing content on other sites or to host
original content.

The site format is something like Slashdot (although not running on the
Slash code as that requires an ancient version of Apache and mod_perl).
I haven't linked the site here because we're currently waiting for
permission from The Perl Foundation to use a logo based on the Perl
onion (yes, it's another 'glass onion' theme from the Cult of Wardley),
but if anybody would like to email me off-list I'll be happy to provide
a link to the dev version of the site so you can take a look.  Obviously
there's not much content yet.


* Digital Craftsmen, aka Simon Wilcox (essuu), Adeola Awoyemi (dialog),
Paul Orrock and myself.

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