Sharding, and all that

Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Fri Dec 19 06:34:07 GMT 2008

HI Mark,

> It's nearly the new year and the time for new projects.  On my project
> radar for next year is "consider (better) sharding our MySQL database."
I think it depends on your write/read ratio. If it is read heavy then
replication and/or memcache will probably do the trick - on the other hand
if you expect more writes than reads then I saw an interesting technique for
handling excess DB writes by using thousands of temporary MySQL MyISAM

Writing to MyISAM files is quick - but the downside is locking - by using
_lots_ of temporary MyISAM tables you can improve overall write capacity.


[1] These guys used 20,000+ MyISAM tables to scale writes

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